We hope you all have had a fantastic time over this festive period! We've now entered the time of year where things start moving very fast, and updates become much more regular. To start of all the exciting news we have in store for you, here are a few photos of our site for this year's BJC.



BJC Canterbury is being held at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys.

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys


...Which means we have fantastic hall space for all our juggly goodness!

Stage Hall


The pool party last year was pretty great, right? Well, you're all in luck! We have full access to the pool here this year round. Expect some fun and games again this time around.



And finally, an overview of the site. As you can see, we are not short for space. So what better opportunity to invite newcomers along?

Full Site of the BJC 2018

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