The first British Juggling Convention was a two day convention in London in 1988, organised by Max Oddball and Charlie Holland. Since then it has been run by a different team in a different location each year, reaching a high of almost 2000 attendees in Coventry in 1992! This year the BJC is coming to Canterbury. Head on over to our Information page to find out more info.

BJC has things to do for everyone. If you're on the fence about coming to your first BJC, give it a go! Even if you don't know anyone, or if you're a non-juggler parent or spouse, there's plenty of opportunity to meet other people in the same boat and find things to do. There are usually workshops at all levels (often including craft and board games as well as juggling) and shows galore. Or just chill out in the sun and soak up the atmosphere.

You might like to pop along to the Facebook group if you have any questions; plenty of organisers and BJC veterans will be happy to provide advice.


A couple of photos from the last BJC...